Buljarica, one cove,
a lot of value.

This website represents a summary of the project implemented from April 2016 to May 2017 with the purpose to present the value of Buljarica cove from the ecological, socio-economic and cultural aspects, but also to build a scientific foundation for consolidating a common knowledge base and its integration into relevant politics, ensuring institutional strengthening and awareness raising.

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The Study

Conservation of the area and management plan?

The development of Buljarica directly depends on the preservation of its non-urbanised area which has a unique ecological value. Touristic development will be successful to the extent to which the landscape, cultural and ecological values of this area are preserved and respected.

Key Ecological attributes

The following nine Key Ecological Attributes are considered as important properties of the Buljarica cove ecosystems that maintain its function as well as adaptability and resilience to disturbance and change: water quality, soil stability, freshwater flow regime, species diversity, hydrological regime, continuous forest cover, the abundance of food resources, connectivity among ecosystems and habitat types.

People among natural values

Not only the wildlife in Buljarica is threatened: the existence of people there is subordinated to uncertainty, causing migrations, values, lifestyle and land use changes. During the past 10 years, a marked decline in agricultural production was noted. The main causes of such a trend were insufficient profitability, inadequate incentives by the state, and the increasing orientation.

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The Study "Ecosystem-Based Assessment of Biodiversity Values and Threats in Buljarica" is available for download.

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About Us

BuljaricaMontenegrin Ecologists Society aims to offer through its activities an efficient model for facing current challenges in the area of nature conservation. The organization implements an interdisciplinary approach in the mentioned area, which ensures the continuous valorization of natural resources, and applies principles for sustainable development.

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Our Programs


Goal 1 – Maintenance and protection of wildlife through sustainable resource management

  1. Inventory management and species distribution
  2. Conservation and climate change impacts on ecosystems
  3. Biodiversity monitoring (algae, plants, habitats, insects, arthropods, maggots, leeches, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals)
  4. Habitat and species mapping in Montenegro
  5. Vulnerability assessment of species in Montenegro
  6. Defining and implementing conservation measurements and improvement of habitats and landscapes
  7. Monitoring of Pet-trade
  8. Education of citizens and an epistemic community


Goal 2 – Encouraging social and economic valorization of environmental resources in Montenegro through an applied, innovative and creative approach in ecology

  1. Eco-innovation laboratories
  2. Eco-remediation
  3. Applied ecology
  4. Sustainable exploitation of plants and plant habitats of economic importance
  5. Social responsibility – the green and blue economies
  6. Social entrepreneurship and ecological services in a community
  7. Education


Goal 3 - Improvement of the quality of legal regulations and encouragement of civic engagement in the sphere of environmental protection

  1. Public policies (laws, etc)
  2. Public advocacy directed at habitat conservation
  3. Civil actions
  4. Monitoring of eco-labeled licenses, auditing of environmental impact licenses
  5. Education


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